Xiaomi Launches Again Master Piece in the Form of Redmi Project 2 & 2 Pro

redmi project 2 and 2 pro

On September 21 – 2023, Xiaomi organized a launch event in China with a special variety of Xiaomi products. After the successful launch of the Redmi Note 13 and Xiaomi Pad SE Xiaomi introduced 2 new projects called Redmi Project 2 and Project 2 Pro under $150 and this price is not confirmed in Bangladesh. Here’s what you need to know about them ūüĎá.

Redmi Project 2

Redmi Project 2

It’s¬†Redmi Projector 2 is available in Green and Sand colors.¬†Based on the specifications of the manufacturer this projector is rated with a luminosity that is 180 CVIA lumens.¬†The thing that sets it apart is the in-house designed omnidirectional AI algorithm which is able to automatically focus the projector by using the motor that is integrated when you turn up. up. This projector is equipped with a custom complete optical system that is enclosed with an ultra-clear high-definition lens with a longevity of 10 years.¬†Its resolution is sharp 1080P which has projection ratios of 1.2:1.¬†It has two built-in speakers, and comes with the latest WANOS China panoramic virtual sound field encoder to provide the most immersive and rich audio experiences.

Redmi Projector 2 Pro

Redmi Project 2 pro

The Redmi Projector 2 Pro is the most expensive of both. It has an optical system enclosed which increases light efficiency by up to 50%, resulting in greater brightness. It is with an aspheric lens. This ensures clarity and better image quality. SGS (a certified authority) is the authority that has certified its brightness as the impressive 300 CVIA lumens. It also has an HD resolution of 1080P as well as a projected ratio of 1.2:1.The projector is also equipped with a customized TOF (Time-of-Flight) Laser sensor, which works together with a high-definition camera as well as AI-powered algorithms. This combination allows for extremely precise adjustments to different image settings. Intelligent adaptive image system and the 6-axis gyroscope allows for an effortless and quick calibration, without manual adjustments.

The projector runs on the Amlogic T950D4 chip that has capacities of 1.5GB+32GB. Additionally, it has two built-in speakers, which when paired with WANOS China’s panorama virtual sound field encoding technology give you a full audio experience.

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