One of the Cheapest Samsung SmartPhone is On the Way

Cheapest Samsung SmartPhone

Samsung has just introduced their fancy top-tier phones, but now they’re gearing up to launch more affordable ones. Before they reveal their next fancy folding phones, they plan to release the Galaxy A35 and A55. And guess what? These phones are about to hit the Indian market very soon!

Just before the official launch, the Galaxy A35 and S24 popped up on India’s certification website. This tells us that they’ll have 5G and two SIM card slots. The Galaxy A35 was also seen on Samsung’s website in the UAE, so it seems like these phones are going to be available in many places.

Rear Camera

The Galaxy A55 is stepping up its game with a metal frame, which is a big deal for a mid-range phone. It’s also getting three cameras on the back, which is more than what we usually see in affordable phones.

Internal Chipset and Camera Features

Under the hood, the Galaxy A55 has a powerful engine (Exynos 1480) and a special graphics chip from AMD, making it good for gaming and other cool stuff. The camera setup is pretty impressive too, with a 50MP main camera, a 12MP wide-angle one, and a 5MP close-up camera. There’s also a 32MP selfie camera for awesome selfies.

Elegant Design

The Galaxy A35 is also getting some upgrades. It has a better processor (Exynos 1380) and a sleeker design with a smaller notch on the screen for the selfie camera. Plus, it has a fancy design element called ‘Key Island,’ a big battery, and fast charging.

Final Verdict

So, as Samsung gets ready to show off the Galaxy A35 and A55, we’re all pretty excited to see what these phones can do. They’re bringing some high-end features to the mid-range party, and that’s always a good thing for phone lovers!

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