Common Issues in Oppo A17 – How to Fix this Problem

Common Issues in Oppa 17 & How to fix this issues

Are you facing common issues in Oppo A17 like fast battery drain issues, connecting wifi, laziness, and sluggish problems in this article you will learn how to fix common problems or issues in Oppo A17 with easy and simple steps.

We attempted to consolidate all the issues into a single article to save you time. You just need to click on the table of contents dropdown and check for the issues that are occurring on your Oppo A17. you can easily fix them through this article with simple steps.

Most Common Issues in Oppo A17 – Let’s Fix Them

In this article, we will discuss more than 17 common issues in Oppo A17 and endeavor to resolve them. These issues are almost all over across various mobile devices, but the primary aim of this article is to address and justify the problems specifically associated with the Oppo A17. The solutions provided in this article have been tested and highly recommended. Please take the time to carefully read through the article before making any adjustments or modifications to your device settings.

Phone Gets Hot During Charging – How to Fix?

Having trouble with your Oppo A17 getting warm while charging? Here’s what you can do:

  1. Use the charger and cable that came with your phone.
  2. Avoid using your phone while it’s charging to prevent overheating.
  3. Check for software updates to fix any potential issues causing the warmth.

Poor battery performance issue in Oppo A17 – How to Fix?

How to Fix Is the battery Draining Fast issue

Battery is the most exclusive part of mobile. The excessive battery drain is primarily attributed to the inclusion of the high-quality MediaTek Helio G35 chipset in the Oppo A17. This chipset facilitates seamless gaming performance and is accompanied by a noteworthy feature: a super IPS LCD Display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz. This display augments the running performance to an impressive level, greatly appealing to users. However, it simultaneously results in an increased drainage capacity for the battery, causing the 5000 mAh battery to deplete quickly.

To mitigate this drainage and enhance battery efficiency, some potential solutions and fixes can be employed.

How to Fix Oppo A17 Battery Draining Fast?

  • Go to settings → Battery → Show full device usage, to check screen time.
  • Open Settings → Apps → uncheck Show Notification of useless apps.
  • Turn Off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and mobile hotspots.
  • Check if any apps are running in the background.
  • Turn Off the Auto brightness.
  • Decrease screen time to less than a minute.
  • Check the official software updates.
  • Do not overcharge the phone.

Not Receiving any Notifications

Missing app notifications on your Oppo A17.

How to fix Not Receiving any Notifications?

  1. Verify App Notification Settings: Make sure that notifications are turned on for the relevant apps.
  2. Restart Your Device: A quick restart might resolve notification problems.
  3. Software Update: Keep your phone updated as software updates frequently address notification issues.

Warm issue on Oppo A17

How to Fix Over Heating Issue

Typically, a mobile device tends to overheat when subjected to heavy loads or excessive battery charging. Additionally, if you engage in playing high-graphic games, it can contribute to the overheating issue. Another factor is the environmental temperature – if it’s too warm, the device can heat up more than usual.

How to Fix Oppo A17 Overheating Issue? 

  • Never let the mobile device charge excessively; set an alarm at 98% and unplug it.
  • Reboot the system by performing a restart of the phone.
  • Close all background apps that are running on the mobile.
  • Disable Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS.
  • Finally, check if there are any pending updates.

Unexpected Shut down Issue on Oppo A17

How to fix sudden shutdown

It seems like you’re experiencing an issue where your mobile device shuts down due to a potential bug or malware infection, possibly stemming from various websites that you might have allowed to access your device’s activities. 

This issue prevents your mobile device from turning back on, leading to potential health damage for the device. In this case, I would recommend taking your mobile device to a nearby Xiaomi service station. They can address the bug or malware problem using their own software solutions to restore the functionality of your device.

Problems with Video Playback

Trouble with Watching Videos on Your Oppo A17.

How to Fix Problems with Video Playback?

  1. Confirm Your App: Ensure that your video app is up to date and working properly.
  2. Software Update: Keep your phone’s software updated, as these updates usually fix issues related to video playback.
  3. Verify Your Network: If you’re streaming videos, a weak network signal might be the culprit. Check your internet connection for smoother playback.

How to Fix Oppo A17 Shut Down Issue?

  • Applying Force Start by Clicking the Volume Up-Down Button and Power Button.
  • If this is not working then go nearest Xiaomi service station.

NOTE: If your Oppo A17 is damaged due to a fall, you should have it inspected by a skilled mobile repair professional who can assess the issue and repair it for you.

Slowly open any apps on Oppo A17

How to Fix Apps Opening Slowly issue

The issue of slow app loading has been persistent on Android mobiles, including the Oppo A17. This becomes problematic for users who are affected due to improper storage management.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to Fix Apps Opening Slowly on the Oppo A17?

  • Firstly, delete the apps that you don’t use as they consume RAM, and this will help your other apps open at a regular speed. 
  • Secondly, consider using lite versions of apps such as Facebook Lite. 
  • Thirdly, if the app opening speed doesn’t improve even after these steps, you can perform a mobile reset after taking a backup of your contacts and data.

Lazy and sluggish performance issue in Oppo A17

How to Fix Laziness on Device

Do you feel that when you’re using the Oppo A17, its user interface is running lazy sluggish, and experiencing lag? Don’t worry, you can find complete guidance here to address this issue with these simple steps. This is a common problem often encountered in older mobile phones, but if you’re facing this problem in your device, there’s a high likelihood that the RAM-supported storage for running apps might be exceeding its capacity.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to Fix Lagging and Lazy Load on the Oppo A17 Mobile?

  • First, delete all the apps that you don’t use. 
  • Secondly, if you’re using a theme that isn’t native to your mobile, remove it and use the default theme of the Oppo A17. 
  • Thirdly, if you’re using any antivirus or junk cleaning apps, uninstall them. 
  • Fourth, if your storage is almost 90% full, try to reduce it to around 80%. 
  • Fifth, if you’re using a third-party launcher, refrain from using it.
  • Lastly, consider using lite versions of apps, such as Facebook Lite, Twitter Lite, and others. Additionally, always keep both your apps and your mobile’s software up to date.

Touch Screen Never Works properly on a Oppo A17


The display of the Oppo A17 is highly impressive and ranks among the best in the Android market in terms of user interface quality. 

However, some users have experienced a peculiar sensation where the screen appears to operate on its own without any touch input, creating a feeling as though a ghost is using the phone. Additionally, this phenomenon could potentially occur due to bugs or malware causing the screen to suddenly become active without user interaction.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to fix the Touchscreen issue on an Oppo A17?

  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Remove the back cover and check if there’s any accidental touch interference.
  • Turn on the Accidental touch sensor.
  • Disable Touch sensitivity by going to the settings.
  • Check for software patch updates, and if they’re available, update your device.
  • Check for app updates, and if they’re not updated, update them.
  • If after trying all these steps the issue persists, you might need to reset your mobile device.

Oppo A17 can’t connect to Wi-Fi issue

Trouble Connecting to Wi-Fi

In today’s era, the need for Wi-Fi is incredibly high, as data isn’t always available in every circumstance. 

This is why accessing the internet through Wi-Fi has become a necessity for everyone. During this time, if your Wi-Fi is having trouble connecting, I can understand how frustrating it must feel. Considering all these factors, I’ll explain how to resolve the Wi-Fi connecting problem on the Oppo A17, enabling your phone to connect to Wi-Fi.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to Fix a WiFi Connection Issue on an Oppo A17?

  • Check if the mobile is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Verify that you are within the Wi-Fi signal range.
  • Reboot the system to update connectivity settings.
  • Check the router to ensure it’s functioning correctly.
  • If Wi-Fi still doesn’t connect after trying these steps, reset the mobile.

If Wi-Fi still doesn’t connect even after resetting, then try these steps.

Choice the wifi setting > View More > Change API from DHCP to Statics > Then try to connect to your preferred wifi network.

Oppo A17 screen freezes then the phone shuts down.

screen freezes then the phone shuts down

It’s quite unusual that the Oppo A17 screen freezes and then shuts down. There could be two main reasons for this situation. Firstly, there might be a bug within the mobile causing this issue. Secondly, the problem could arise from the ROM being heavily loaded.

But you don’t need to worry, as you can resolve this with the steps provided below:

How to Fix Screen Freeze and Shutdown Issues on a Oppo A17?

  • Go to the Settings and search for “Update.” When you see the update tab available, proceed to update it.
  • Check if any apps are running in the background.
  • Clear storage to free up space.
  • Clear the cache of all apps and then check.
  • If the problem persists, perform a mobile reset to restore it to its original state.

Apps and Games Crashing Issue on the Oppo A17

How to fix sudden app crashes

This is quite a prevalent issue that occasionally occurs on both Android and iOS devices. After the launch of the Oppo A17, users have been experiencing this problem as well. 

The reason behind this is that when your mobile device becomes excessively warm, particularly during gaming, this issue tends to arise.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to Fix Apps and Game Crashing Issues on a Oppo A17?

  • Go to Settings, then search for “Storage.” Inside, access “Cache” and “Data,” and proceed to delete them.
  • Reboot your Oppo A17 device.
  • Verify that you are using the latest version of the software.

The Apps Don’t Get Installed Issue on Your Oppo A17

Apps Don't Get Installed Issue

“Sometimes, the app doesn’t get installed even when you try to install it using an APK file. Don’t worry, with these simple steps, you can easily install apps on the Oppo A17:

How to fix App Not Installed Issue on a Oppo A17?

  • First, check if the app you’re trying to install is not already installed on your device.
  • Next, go to the settings and ensure that you have allowed installation from unknown sources. If not, enable this option.
  • Also, check your device’s storage. If it’s full, free up some space.
  • Lastly, open the Google Play Store, go to its settings, and disable Play Protect.

Following these steps can help you install apps without any issues.”

Bluetooth is Not functioning properly in Oppo A17

How to Fix Bluetooth not working

Many Oppo A17 users are facing this issue, and you might be experiencing it as well. You can easily resolve this problem. 

If Bluetooth doesn’t connect, the problem usually arises when an alternative option isn’t available. For instance, if you need to connect a wireless speaker but lack an alternative method, Bluetooth becomes essential. 

Similarly, when you need to share a song or a movie and there’s no other accessible source, Bluetooth becomes necessary. Don’t worry, today your problem will be solved.

Follow the Steps given below.

How to Fix Bluetooth Not Working Issue on a Oppo A17?

  • Check if there’s a software update available. Go to the “Settings” menu, search for “Software Update,” click on it, and update if needed.
  • Secondly, reset your settings. In the “Settings” menu, search for “Reset Settings,” then click on it and perform the reset.
  • Thirdly, ensure that the other device is paired when sharing files.
  • Lastly, remember to share only one file at a time. If you want better results.

Oppo A17 is locked in booting mode

How to fix stuck in booting mode?

Is your Oppo A17 become stuck on the screen while booting up? There’s no need to worry. The issue can be resolved using the steps provided below.

How to Fix a Lock-on Booting Mode Issue on an Oppo A17?

  • First, perform a long press on the power button to restart. 
  • Second, put your Oppo A17 into safe mode. 
  • If the issue persists even after performing these actions, proceed to reset the mobile.

Face lock sensor not working on Oppo A17

How to Fix Face unlock not working

This is quite an uncommon issue where Face Unlock isn’t working properly on the Oppo A17. If you’re facing this issue on your device, don’t worry. By following these steps, you can potentially resolve this issue.

How to Fix Lock Face Lock Sensor Issue on an Oppo A17?

  • First, navigate to the settings and disable Face Unlock, then re-enable it. 
  • Second, update your previous facial ID by replacing it with a new scan of your face. 
  • Third, inspect the front camera to ensure it’s capturing clear pictures during the scan. 
  • Lastly, perform a quick restart and then attempt another face scan to check if the issue has been resolved.

Mobile Data Performance Issue On the Oppo A17

How to Fix Cellular Network Issue

If you’re experiencing issues with using mobile data on your Oppo A17, such as weak signals, inability to connect, or slow performance when enabling mobile data, don’t worry. Follow the steps provided below to potentially resolve this problem:

How to Fix Mobile Data Issues on Oppo A17?

  • Make sure that your area with good network coverage. Weak signals can affect mobile data performance.
  • Sometimes, a simple restart can help refresh network connections. Restart your Oppo A17and see if the issue improves.
  • Turn on Airplane mode and leave it on for a few seconds. Then, turn it off. 
  • Turning off mobile data and then turn it on again. This can reestablish the data connection.
  • Navigate to Settings > Connection & Sharing > Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Networks, and Bluetooth >> RESET SETTINGS > Confirm with OK.
  • Make sure you haven’t exceeded your mobile data usage limits, which might lead to slower speeds.
  • If the issue persists, contact your mobile carrier to check if there are any network problems in your area.
  • By following these steps, you may be able to resolve the mobile data issues you’re facing on your Oppo A17.


In this article, I have provided a complete guide on how you can resolve common issues with your Oppo A17. If you’re hesitant about buying the Oppo A17, don’t be discouraged! The phone is still a great option to consider, despite encountering occasional electronic glitches. It offers fantastic features at a reasonable price. If you’re interested in learning more about the phone’s specifications, click here.

I hope this guide and article will assist you in making a good decision. If you’re facing any issues, feel free to leave a comment. We’ll guide you and assist.


How long does the Oppo A17 battery last?

Calculate the battery usage of the Oppo A17 based on the features you use.
Music & Headset
132 HrsCalling
29 Hrs
9 Hrs
Stand By
24 Days

Can I perform a factory reset on Oppo A17?

Yes, you can Reset your Oppo A17.

Does Oppo A17 support fast charging?

Yes, Oppo A17 Powered with a 5000mAh battery non-removable Li-ion battery gives you maximum time to spend with your phone, supporting fast charging via C-type cable up to 67W. Enabling a 100% charge in just 30 minutes.

Is the OPPO A17 waterproof?

Yes, It is waterproof.

Is OPPO A17 Type C?

It has USB 2.0 Type C for fast charging support.

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