Common Issues in Samsung Galaxy S25 5g – How to Fix Problems

Common Issues in Galaxy S25 - How to Fix them

Do you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S25? Are they common ones like screen sticking, battery draining too fast, not being able to connect wifi, excessive heat, overheating the device, unable make calls and slow and hanging issues? This article will show you how to solve common issues or problems in your Samsung Galaxy S25 using simple and easy steps. In order to save you time, we have compiled all the most common problems and their solutions into one article. Click on the table contents dropdown and check the problems that occur on your Samsung Galaxy S25. This article will show you how to fix the problems with easy and straight forward steps.

Most Common Issues or Problems in Galaxy S25 – Let’s Fix Them

This article contains solutions to more than 18 issues that S25 users face. These problems may be common to all mobile devices but we are focusing on the Samsung Galaxy S25. The solutions provided are tested by experts and highly recommended. Take a few moments to read the entire article before adjusting any device settings.

Display with 6.5″ Amoled Dot Drop, HDR10+ (peak brightness), 1 billion colors, 120Hz and HDR10+. Samsung Galaxy S25 is compatible with all Android Games with Samsung Exynos Chipset and Android Version 14 (OneUI 6.1). Camera: 50MP + 13MP for the front. This battery is massive and can last 2.5 days. Samsung Galaxy S25 is a special case. It supports 25W of charging. 73 Kg maximum load bear, all-time favorite Samsung Mobile Phone.

Shut down Issue on Samsung Galaxy S25

any time shutdown issue

Cookies and permissions can cause your mobile device to shut down. You can take your Samsung to the nearest Samsung service centre, where they will use special software to fix and address your issue.

It is possible that your phone could be damaged by this issue. This is a case where I recommend that you take your mobile phone to the nearest S25 service center. You can restore functionality to your mobile device by addressing the problem with their software.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S25 Shutdown Issue?

  • Using the Power Button, and Volume Down Button to Apply Force.
  • In case this doesn’t work, go to the nearest Samsung Service Center.
  • Boot your phone into a safe mood.
  • You can perform a Hard Reset if your device still shuts off suddenly after following the steps above.

NOTEIf you have a damaged phone due to an accident, please contact your carrier.

Over Heating issue on Samsung Galaxy S25 5g

over heating issue

Even superheroes can get very hot working. It’s as if you’re giving your super hero too much work to do when playing games on your phone or using it while charging. Even the weather can increase temperatures. Here’s what we can do: help our super hero stay cool. You’ll thank your phone if you take breaks.

How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S25 Heating Issue

  • Do not let your mobile phone charge too much. Instead, set the alarm to 99% then unplug.
  • The system can be rebooted by restarting the device.
  • Take off your phone case when charging.
  • Uninstall apps that install automatically.
  • Do not overcharge your mobile phone for too long. It can lead to the device becoming too hot.
  • Close any background app that is running on your phone.
  • Disable WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS.
  • Last but not least, make sure you have updated your software.

Galaxy S25: Always shows camera Failed issue

1. How to Restart your Galaxy S25?

  • You can force your phone to restart if you get the error “Camera Failed”. This will refresh its memory.
  • Keep pressing the Volume Down button and the Power button simultaneously, until the Samsung Logo appears.

2. Reset Camera App:

  • You can reset the Camera application to resolve app-related problems.
  • Click and hold on the camera icon to select “App information”, then click “Storage.”
  • Remove cache data and delete the app to fix any potential problems.

3. Factory Reset (Backup first! ):

  • A factory reset may be necessary if you continue to experience software issues.
  • Be sure to make a backup of the entire contents of your device before you begin.
  • Reset the device to factory settings.

4. Download and install the latest software updates.

  • Make sure your device has the most current software.
  • Click on Settings > Software update and install all available updates.

5. Wipe Cache Partition:

  • To eliminate any potential conflict caused by cached information, clear the cache partition.
  • To access the recovery menu, turn off your device and then press Volume up + Power.
  • Select “Wipe Cache partition” from the menu and confirm.

6. Secure Mode

  • You can boot your device in Safe Mode and see if it is an application from a 3rd party that’s causing this camera problem.
  • When you hold down the power button, tap on “Safe Mode”.
  • If necessary, test your camera in Safe Mode.

7. Contact Samsung Support:

  • Samsung Support is available to help you if everything else fails.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S25 can be diagnosed and repaired for any potential hardware issue.

Poor battery performance issue in Samsung Galaxy S25 – How to Fix?

battery draining fast issue

Talk about the mobile phone’s heart! Galaxy S25 top-tier Samsung Exynos 1280 processor has a negative impact on the heart of your phone, which is the battery. The powerhouse is paired with an AMOLED display that has a peak brightness of 400 nits and 120 GHz. The 5000mAh battery is drained faster because the phone’s awesome features are sacrificed for battery life.

Some fixes and solutions can be used to reduce battery drain and improve battery performance.

What is the solution to a Samsung Galaxy S25 battery draining fast?

These steps will help you optimize your device to its maximum performance.

  • To accurately monitor screen time, navigate to Settings > Battery.
  • To declutter, go to Settings > Apps and disable notifications.
  • When not in use, turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Also, disable GPS or mobile hotspots.
  • Check background processes and make sure no app is draining your resources without you knowing.
  • To extend battery life, disable Auto brightness.
  • For maximum efficiency, limit screen time under one minute.
  • Check for updates regularly to improve system performance.
  • To prolong the battery life of your smartphone, avoid overcharging it.

Your battery will still run out quickly

Slowly open any apps on Samsung Galaxy S25 like a lazy load

app opening slowly issue

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You may be experiencing a frustrating delay in app loading, particularly on the Samsung Galaxy S25. Users often complain about slow performance due to poor storage management, and using less than optimal apps and games.

There’s an easy solution. You can get the speed and performance you want with a quick, efficient Hard Reset of your Samsung Galaxy S25. You can take control of the performance of your Samsung Galaxy S25 5g and say goodbye to slow app launch times. Now is the time to enjoy seamless speed.

What can be done to fix apps that open slowly on S25 5g devices?

Are you experiencing slowness and lag when using your Samsung Galaxy S25? You can easily fix this problem by following these easy steps. It’s common to see this issue on older phones. If you are experiencing it, the RAM storage space for apps may be at its limit. Check if there is enough space in your phone’s ROM. If you do not have enough space, remove the applications that aren’t used.

Sluggishness and laziness are the most common issues with Samsung Galaxy S25.

  • Delete all apps you do not use.
  • Second, if your Samsung Galaxy S25 is using a default theme, you can remove the theme.
  • Uninstall any anti-virus or junk cleaner apps you may be using.
  • If your storage space is nearly 90% full, you should try and reduce this to around 80%.
  • Five, do not use a launcher from a third party.
  • Uninstall any antivirus software you may be using.
  • Seventhly, use lighter versions of apps such as Facebook Lite (or Twitter Lite), YouTube Go (or YouTube Go Lite).
  • Consider using lite apps such as Facebook Lite or Twitter Lite. Also, make sure to keep your app and mobile software updated.

Touch Screen Never Works properly on a Samsung Galaxy S25

ghost touch issue

Display is the key part of your mobile phone and it is among the top in Android in terms of quality of interface.

Some users report a strange sensation in which the screen seems to be operating on its own, without user input. This gives the impression that a ghost uses the phone. This phenomenon can also be caused by bugs or malware that cause the screen to become active suddenly without any user input.

Please follow the steps below.

Fixing the Touchscreen Issue on an AI Galaxy S25

  • Restart your mobile device.
  • Check the touch-interference by removing the back cover.
  • Turn the accidental touch sensor on.
  • Reboot your Samsung Galaxy S25.
  • Go to Settings and disable Touch-sensitivity.
  • Press power, volume-up, and volume-down buttons at the same.
  • Update your device if you find any software patches.
  • Update any apps that are not up to date.
  • You may need to reset the device if you are still having problems after following these steps.

S25 Can’t Connect to Wi-Fi issue

wifi not connecting issue

Wi-Fi has become a necessity in today’s world, since data may not be available everywhere.

Wi-Fi is now a must for all users. If your Wi-Fi has trouble connecting during this period, I understand the frustration you must be feeling. In light of all this, let me explain the solution to the Wi-Fi problem that is affecting the Samsung Galaxy S25. This will allow your phone to be connected to Wi-Fi.

Please follow the steps below.

Fixing a Wi-Fi Connection Problem on the Samsung Galaxy S25 ?

  • Verify that the phone is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Check that the Wi-Fi range is within your reach.
  • Update connectivity settings by rebooting the system.
  • Make sure the router is working properly.
  • Reset the phone if you still can’t get Wi-Fi to connect even after following these steps.

Try these steps if the Wi-Fi doesn’t work after you reset it.

Choose the Wi-Fi settings > View More > Change DHCP API to Statics.

S25 Finger Print Sensor Not Working Properly

How to Fix Finger Print Sensor Issue

There are easy ways to fix the fingerprint reader issue for some Galaxy S25 owners:

  1. Use the same finger that you used to set it up.
  2. If the sensor has been damaged or scratched, it should be replaced.
  3. Add a new fingerprint to the settings of your smartphone.
  4. Clear the cache partition on your phone if the problem persists.

If you follow these steps, your fingerprint reader should work again. You may need to seek additional assistance if you are unable to get your fingerprint sensor working again.

Galaxy S25 5g screen freezes then the phone shuts down.

screen freez issue

The S25 screen freezing and shutting down is not common. This could have two possible causes. This issue could be caused by a mobile bug. The problem may also be caused by a heavily loaded ROM.

You don’t have to be concerned, because you can fix this problem by following the below steps:

  • Search for “Update” in Settings. Update the tab when you find it.
  • If you see any background apps, stop them.
  • Space can be freed up by clearing out your storage.
  • Check all the apps after clearing their cache.
  • Perform a reset on your mobile to return it to the original condition.
  • Try clearing your app cache if you’re having trouble using an app.
  • Do this:
    • Enter Settings, Apps and Storage. Click on CLEAR CACHE.
  • Reset your device to the original settings.

Games and Apps Crashing Issue on the S25

sudden crash issue

It is a common issue which can occur on iOS and Android devices. This problem has been reported by users since the S25 was launched.

This problem is caused by your device becoming too warm.

Please follow the steps below:

How to fix app and game crashes on the Samsung Galaxy S25?

  • Search for “Storage” in Settings. You can delete “Cache” or “Data” by accessing “Settings.”
  • Reboot your device.
  • Check that the version you’re using is the most recent.
  • Ensure that your applications are updated by downloading the latest version.
  • Try deleting some applications and installing them again if they are giving you problems.

Apps Don’t Get Installed Issue on Your Samsung Galaxy S25

apps don not install issue

It can happen that an APK does not work. With these simple instructions, you can quickly install any app on your Android device.

How can I resolve the issue of an app not being installed on my Samsung S25?

  • To begin with, make sure that the app isn’t already on your device.
  • Go to settings, and make sure that the installation of unknown sources has been allowed. If it isn’t enabled, make sure to enable the option.
  • Also check your storage. Free up some space on your device if you find it full.
  • Last but not least, click on the Google Play Store settings and turn off Play Protect.

These steps will help you to install applications without problems. “

The micro SD card is not working issue

  • Correct card insertion: Make sure that your microSD card fits securely in the slot on your phone.
  • Check MicroSD Card Content : Verify whether the data stored on the card is corrupted or compatible with your device.
  • MicroSD Card Condition : Check that your microSD card works and is not damaged.
  • Reinsert card Sometimes, just ejecting then reinserting a microSD cards can correct detection issues.
  • Scanning for Viruses. Make sure your files are not infected with viruses.
  • Reformat the Card: In the event that other solutions do not work, it is advisable to format the card. This will often solve issues related with its functionality.

Bluetooth is not functioning properly in Samsung Galaxy S25

bluetooth not working

It is possible that you are also experiencing the same problem. It is easy to fix this issue.

Bluetooth problems usually occur when there’s no other option. Bluetooth will be necessary if there is no other way to connect wireless speakers.

Bluetooth comes in handy when you want to send a song, a movie, or other media and have no access to another device. Today, your problem will no longer be a concern.

The steps are below.

How do I fix Bluetooth not working issue on S25

  • There may be a recent software update. To update the system, go to “Settings”, find “Software Update”, click on it and perform an upgrade if required.
  • Secondly, reset your settings. Find “Reset” under the “Settings,” click it, and then perform a reset.
  • Thirdly ensure the device you’re sharing with is connected.
  • Finally, share only one document at a given time. To get the best results.

Samsung Galaxy S25 is locked in booting mode

Stuck in booting mode

Your Samsung 25 is stuck at the boot-up screen? You don’t need to be worried. You can resolve the issue using these steps.

Fixing a Samsung Galaxy S25’s Locked-On Booting Issue

  • To restart, first press the power button for a very long time.
  • Second, put your Samsung into safe mode.
  • Reset the phone if the problem persists after you have performed these steps.

Text Messaging Problems – How to Solve Them

  • Unblock contacts: Make sure the contact of your recipient is not accidentally blocked.
  • Message Centre Number Verify the number of your message center in settings. It’s important for texting.
  • Remove Messaging App Data and Cache : Open your messaging application’s settings and delete all data and cache. Then, test the messaging feature.
  • Delete old messages If you find that your messaging application is slow, it may be possible to restore its performance by deleting the older messages.
  • Restart your phone A simple restart will often resolve temporary problems with receiving and sending messages.
  • Reinsert SIM Cards: Sometimes, removing and carefully reinserting your SIM card will resolve any network-related message issues.

The face lock sensor not working

How to fix face unlock issue

Face Unlock not working on Galaxy S25 is a rare issue. Do not worry if you are experiencing this problem on your Galaxy S25. You can resolve the issue by following these simple steps.

How to fix the lock face sensor issue?

  • Navigate to settings, disable Face Unlock, and then enable it again.
  • Update your facial ID second by scanning your face again.
  • The front camera should be checked to make sure it is capturing good images during scan.
  • Last, restart your computer and perform another scan of the face to see if it has resolved.

How To Fix & Troubleshoot

  • Upgrade Your OS: Install any system updates that are available to fix potential issues.
  • Only use compatible apps: Do not install any third-party applications that are incompatible. Keep the camera app native to your device.
  • Exit Safe Mode If you are in safe mode, please disable it. This can limit camera functions.
  • Remove Camera App Cache: Open the settings of your camera application, delete its cache, and try again.
  • Check the Storage Space Ensure that there is enough space for camera files on your device.
  • Hardware Inspection: Check that the lens of the camera is not damaged. This could be the cause.

Mobile Data Performance Problem

How to fix cellular network issue

Do not worry if your smartphone is experiencing difficulties using the mobile data feature, including weak signals or an inability to connect. You can resolve this issue by following the below steps.

Fixing Mobile Data Problems

  • Please ensure that the area you live in has good network coverage. The performance of mobile data can be negatively affected by poor signals.
  • A restart may help to refresh your network connection. If the problem persists, restart your phone.
  • Then, turn it off. Next, switch it off.
  • Switching on and off the mobile data. You can restore the data connection by turning off and on again.
  • Click on Settings > Connections & Sharing. Reset Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • Check that you’ve not exceeded the mobile data limit, as this could result in slower speeds.
  • In the event that you still have problems, call your carrier and ask them to confirm if your network is down.
  • These steps may help you resolve any mobile data problems on your phone.


This comprehensive guide offers practical solutions for a variety of issues that Samsung Galaxy S25 owners face. Each problem, including shutdown issues, overheating, camera problems, battery drain, slow app launches, touchscreen glitches and Wi-Fi connectivity difficulties, is explained step by step. The user is guided through software updates and hardware checks, as well as troubleshooting techniques, to optimize their Galaxy S25 experience. The solutions in this article have been tested by experts and will help users to efficiently resolve any issues. This allows them to enjoy all the features of the Samsung Galaxy S25.

Frequent Asked Questions

How long is Samsung Galaxy S25 software support?

2 years.

Can I perform a factory reset on the Samsung Galaxy S25?

Yes, you can Reset your Samsung Galaxy S25.

Does Samsung Galaxy S25 fast charging?

Samsung Galaxy 25 is powered by a Li-ion non-removable battery that gives you the maximum amount of time with your device. It supports fast charging with C-type cables up to. Charge in only.

Does Samsung Galaxy S25 support wireless charging?

No, the Samsung Galaxy S25 does not support wireless charging.

Does Samsung Galaxy S25 have a pen?

No, it does not have a pen.

What is the most common problem with Samsung S25?

The most common problem that Samsung users encounter is a malfunctioning power switch. The power button is a small but crucial part that wakes up the device or puts it in a relaxed state. It can cause frustration when unresponsive.

How do I clear the cache on Samsung S25?

Click Settings and swipe down to Apps. Search for or select the app that you wish to delete. Tap on Storage and then click Clear cache.

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